Configure Your New Home’s Technology Online and Save Thousands

Indulge September 26, 2017


Configure Your New Home’s Technology Online and Save Thousands

Building a new home? Revolutionary new website makes it easy and inexpensive.

Anyone building a new home knows that configuring it for all the desired technology is tedious and expensive. Finally, there is an online tool, available now at, that automatically takes care of basics like WiFi and fundamental wiring, and then asks what other features are desired. TV’s, music throughout the home, lighting control, motorized shades, surveillance cameras, “smart” thermostats, and more – almost anything one would want in a new home, tech-wise, is covered.
A brand new approach to home technology. (PRNewsfoto/Casa Integration)

The new tool is intended for homeowners, architects, general contractors, electricians, and interior designers. The company says its tool is perfect for those building a home approximately 1,500 to 5,000 square feet in size. It guides users through a series of simple questions about what they want, and the site does the rest – equipment lists, budgets, cabling specifications, and helpful information for bringing it all together.

“This new tool makes the selection and installation of an entire home technology suite easy and far less expensive,” says Dean Clough, Founder and President of Casa Integration. “I came to realize that the methods employed by me and nearly everyone else in the same business in the end fail our clients. They’re too complicated, too intimidating, and not reliable enough, especially given the expense involved.”

Importantly, Dean and his team have distilled things to the point where everything can be installed by the building team, a handyman, or even by motivated DIY’ers.

Initial feedback has been excellent. Beta tester and early adopter Dr. Kelly Larkin of Houston claims, “I’ve done it the old way several times, and spent a lot of money and experienced a lot of frustration in the process. Now, I’ve spent a lot less, and I have exactly what I want – not what somebody wanted to sell me.” “Mission accomplished,” says Clough.

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