Workpath Announces Healthcare Leader Patricia Clarey as Newest Board Member

Boards August 22, 2018


Workpath Announces Healthcare Leader Patricia Clarey as Newest Board Member

Workpath, a healthcare technology company that helps organizations distribute work opportunities to their employees and third party networks, announced that Patricia Clarey has joined the company’s board of directors. Clarey, a former chief of staff to the governor of California, is an experienced Fortune 200 C-suite professional with over 25 years of experience developing, managing, and executing corporate strategy for large-scale government, specialty healthcare management, and healthcare programs.

“Workpath is proud to have a proven healthcare leader like Pat join an impressive board of directors as Workpath brings new solutions to the industry designed to increase efficiency and improve care,” said Eddie Peloke, CEO of Workpath.

Clarey’s extensive experience includes serving as the P/L manager of a $5.1 billion Medicaid business in California and Arizona which serves more than 1.3 million members, serving as a chief compliance and privacy officer for a large corporation focused on risk management and regulatory compliance, and an array of leadership roles involving long-term strategic positioning of companies in a volatile, changing corporate environment. She has helped lead Transamerica Corporation, Chevron, and Ashland Oil Corporations and is currently serving a 10-year term as president of the California State Personnel Board. As the former chief of staff to the governor of California, Clarey managed a budget of over $110 billion, a staff of 100, and 3,000 political appointments.

Earlier this summer, Workpath announced new features added to its HIPAA-compliant platform designed to improve the way organizations perform and coordinate care. Recent feature updates, including the ability to schedule shifts, are helping healthcare organizations automate the process of organizing, dispatching, tracking, and managing their labor to perform important services.

Clarey is joining the board during a time when new Workpath functionality is allowing a growing list of healthcare clients to order, publish, and assign work with a click. Health systems, phlebotomy labor providers, home health agencies, nursing organizations, and other healthcare leaders are using Workpath to seamlessly schedule work opportunities. In addition, clients, such as a leading cancer treatment center in New York, are using Workpath to dispatch specialists into chemotherapy patients’ homes to help them avoid hospital trips for blood work prior to treatment. Use cases like these have demonstrated Workpath’s ability to increase patient satisfaction to 100 percent, reduce waste, and increase patient throughput.

“Workpath’s platform is continuing to evolve and can now be used to bridge gaps and create new efficiencies in the way work is organized and performed in healthcare and other complex industries. Pat’s expertise will continue our goal of applying tech solutions that make it easier for any organization to distribute opportunities to their workforce and contractors responsible for delivering quality care and other services,” said Peloke.

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