Queen Latifah Teams Up with Strayer University to Provide Students with Education and Coaching Built …

Entertainment WorkLife May 24, 2018


Queen Latifah Teams Up with Strayer University to Provide Students with Education and Coaching Built …

Strayer University, a national leader in innovative educational programs for working adults, is partnering with musician, actress, producer, and entrepreneur Queen Latifah to provide students with inspirational support and to help Strayer create and produce confidence-building coursework. Queen Latifah will be featured in educational and motivational programming that builds on Strayer’s commitment to provide students with the skills, habits, and mindsets needed to succeed in the real world.

As part of her partnership with Strayer, Queen Latifah will be featured in an 11-week online course that focuses on building two essential traits for success in any industry: confidence and perseverance. Additionally, Strayer University will produce a separate “Back to School” no-cost course with Queen Latifah that will provide students with practical tips and skills every student needs to succeed in college.

Queen Latifah will also host live Q&A sessions with students to provide individualized guidance, feedback and inspiration. Additionally, she will serve as the keynote speaker at Strayer’s Washington, D.C. commencement ceremony held on June 23, 2018.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Strayer University to help their students succeed. Strayer has been helping busy working adults go back to school for over 125 years and I’m honored to add to that legacy and support the students who are working so hard to further their careers,” said Queen Latifah.

Queen Latifah will join the ranks of Strayer’s growing list of partnerships with leading professional experts – ranging from NASCAR and NFL champion coach Joe Gibbs, to celebrated businessman Jack Welch, to digital media leader Jon Steinberg.

“At Strayer, we want to bring people who have achieved excellence in their fields into our classrooms. Queen Latifah offers experience across multiple industries that translates into invaluable – and very powerful – lessons for our students,” said Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer Education, Inc.

“Queen Latifah embodies many of the qualities we work to instill in our students to help them be successful in college and their careers including confidence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and persistence. We’re absolutely thrilled to have her join Strayer on our mission to help adult students succeed,” said Brian Jones, President, Strayer University.

Much of Queen Latifah’s educational programming will take place through Strayer University’s new approach to online education, Strayer Studios, which features interactive, cinematic curricula produced by Emmy Award-winning film producers. Launched in 2015, the online learning platform connects curricula with episodic, documentary-style films that are relevant and relatable to students and has already shown to improve student engagement and persistence.

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