How to Fall in Love with Yourself and the Life You Already Have

Editorials February 25, 2019


How to Fall in Love with Yourself and the Life You Already Have

When we think of love, our thoughts usually turn to love as it relates to the people we care about. But as the song goes, the greatest love of all is really the love we have for ourselves. Paradoxically, it is difficult to achieve.

Susan Cross, the author of the new book The Power of Disruption: A Memoir of Discovery, says that people who possess a high degree of self-love are more appreciative of their lives, more service-minded, happier and less stressed out than folks who don’t. “We’re taught to present ourselves the way we think others want to see us … to fit in,” Cross observes. “And we can lose ourselves in the process until something happens to bring that point home.”

For Cross that moment occurred two years ago while on a hiking and snorkeling vacation with her husband to the remote Caribbean island of Dominica. Days before they were scheduled to fly home, her appendix ruptured, and she almost died. After emergency surgery on the island and extended healing at home, Cross decided to use her traumatic experience to create a life that matters—and help others do the same.

“I’m on a mission now to help people who struggle with self-doubt, negative personal energy, and questions about the direction of their lives to realize their own self-worth,” she says.

“The Power of Disruption is a vulnerable journey about letting go of the familiar. Immerse yourself into a world of hope. It’s yours to discover.” – Richard Campbell, co-author of Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story

“Sometimes the universe smacks us in the face to get our attention. This is one of those stories; raw, real, terrifying, immensely inspiring and ultimately life-changing. In these amazing pages of truth, adventure, tragedy and evolution we’re encouraged to believe in ourselves enough to go for our own joy.” — Laura Di Franco, MPT, author of Brave Healing: A Guide for Your Journey

“The personal lessons coming out of every chapter will equip you with the awareness, the courage and the wisdom required to survive disruption and keep thriving in life.” — Tony J. Selimi, Five-Time #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of A Path to Wisdom and the Co-creator of Multi-award Winning Living My Illusion documentary series.

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