Women in Tech – Leading in the Tech World

Business April 23, 2019


Women in Tech – Leading in the Tech World

For the third year in a row, the Society for Information Display (SID) will once again bring back an engaging panel discussion, where top women technology executives and innovators will share their unique insights on the state of the display industry and where it’s going for women in Silicon Valley. The session, Women in Tech – Leading in the Tech World, will take place directly following the CEO Forum on Wednesday, May 15 with a special reception at 5:30 p.m.

“For 2019, we are bringing back our Women in Tech Forum with a dynamic new group of participants,” said Sri Peruvemba, chair of marketing for SID. “While women comprise half of the U.S. workforce, they still hold less than 20 percent of all tech jobs. Fortunately, our industry is waking up to the need of having more women in technology. They will also discuss the challenges they have faced and where they see the industry going.”

Women in Tech – Leading in the Tech World – Wednesday, May 15th, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
The electronic display industry is filled with female pioneers and professionals who have made outstanding contributions to technology. This year, more than ever, is an ideal time to hear this diverse panel of movers and shakers provide their unique perspectives about what makes the industry tick, how they’ve gotten to where they are, and what more the tech world needs to do to continue enabling women from all walks of life to rise to their potential.

Moderator: Jenny Donelan, Director of Marketing, Publications, and Programs for Palisades Convention Management


  • Lee Epting, Advisor, Speaker, Technology Consultant: Epting launched her technology career with a Silicon Valley startup, Palm, about 20 years ago. Ever since, she has focused on delivering market-winning technology products/services to the world’s two biggest consumer markets, the US and Western Europe – and to emerging/global markets. Following her role with Palm and related smartphone startup, Handspring, Nokia recruited her to Europe in 2003. In Europe, she has had P&L responsibility for business units in the world’s largest technology, mobile communications, and mobile phone manufacturing companies: Samsung, Vodafone, and Nokia. At Samsung, she led the European Enterprise Business Team (ten-figure P&L), European Product Innovation Team, and European Media Solutions Center.
  • Samantha Phenix, Board Member, AVIXA; Secretary, SID Pacific Northwest Chapter: Phenix has a 20-year career that has spanned engineering, business development, and corporate leadership. She has a history of driving display technology innovations across multiple, demanding vertical markets, while serving in leadership roles at companies such as Leyard, Planar, Intel, Dell, and Barco. In 2017 she was named an Industry Innovator by NewBay Media for her outstanding contributions to the professional audiovisual industry. In 2018, she was honored to receive AVIXA’s “Women in AV” award. She is currently serving as a Board Member of AVIXA, as well as Secretary for SID’s Pacific Northwest Chapter.
  • Consuelo Valverde, Founder & Managing Partner, SV Latam Capital: Valverde is a serial entrepreneur turned VC and founded her first tech company at the age of 21. She is the Founder and Managing Partner of SV LATAM Capital – the first VC fund born in Silicon Valley with a unique focus on Latin America – to invest in entrepreneurs using science and technology to transform societies, the environment, and health on a global scale. She was granted an 0-1 Visa for “Aliens with Exceptional Abilities” by the US government and received the “Distinguished Engineer” award from IEEE Mexico, among other awards. She is currently a Board Member of Ares Materials, a company developing novel transparent polymer materials for the next generation of truly flexible electronics, and winners of Display Week’s Best in Show Award 2018.


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