Vidal Sassoon Names Jackson Yee as Global Spokesperson

Entertainment August 8, 2018


Vidal Sassoon Names Jackson Yee as Global Spokesperson

Vidal Sassoon & Jackson Yee – Anti-Flat Hair, Anti-Flat Me

Jackson Yee has been named as Vidal Sassoon’s global spokesperson. Jackson Yee, a famous young singer, dancer and actor, embodies Vidal Sassoon ‘s spirit – Anti-Flat Hair, Anti-Flat Me

This cooperation is a real blockbuster. Vidal Sassoon, a pioneer in the global haircare industry, values professionalism and innovation, is devoted to providing top-quality hair products, and leads in cutting-edge fashion insights. Jackson Yee, a brilliant teen icon, carries the spirit of innovation that the brand’s founder, Mr. Vidal Sassoon, so strongly advocated for.

As a fashion legend, the winner of North American Hairstyling Awards, Mr. Sassoon led Vidal Sassoon and the haircare industry from one peak to another. From the Bob style in the 1950s to the straight styles of the 21st century, Vidal Sassoon continuously surprises the world. Notably, in the 1960s, Mr. Sassoon broke the stereotype and encouraged women to embrace their own fashion. Since then, Vidal Sassoon’s fashion insights keep influencing the society tremendously. In the future, together with Jackson Yee, the brand is expected to create more hair-style-related visions.

Jackson Yee, a 17-year-old teen icon, holds various identities, a big name in movies, dramas, reality shows and music, and an ambassador for charity organizations. Young and flexible, bold and fearless, Jackson Yee is experienced in fashion. He is always breaking limits and labels – which perfectly accords with Vidal Sassoon’s spirit – Anti-Flat.

This time, the cooperation between Jackson Yee and Vidal Sassoon shows an innovative combination in its “Anti-Flat-Me” spirit. Next, it will bring more fashion and changes to the haircare industry.

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