T.J.Maxx Launches The Maxx You Project, “The Changing Room,” An Immersive Experience to …

Entertainment June 26, 2019


T.J.Maxx Launches The Maxx You Project, “The Changing Room,” An Immersive Experience to …

From divorced to dating. From blonde to brunette. From New Yorkto Nashville. Who we are is always changing. And at The Maxx You Project, we think that’s worth celebrating. The Maxx You Project, in its third year, is continuing its mission to help women everywhere embrace their individuality and the changes that come with every stage of life.

Making Room for Change
“The Changing Room,” aimed at igniting conversation around the critical role that change has on individuality, will kick off with a three-day interactive experience for consumers in New York City from Tuesday, June 25 – Thursday, June 27 at 111 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013 (10:00 AM –7:00  Through interactive display mirrors, talent keynote speeches, panel discussions and individual story recording booths, “The Changing Room” will be a physical manifestation of the brand’s core mission of supporting individuality and everyone’s personal journey.

Women will have the opportunity to hear other stories of change through interactive mirrors. When they step up to a mirror, they will see their own reflection. The mirror will react to their presence, turning from a reflective surface to a life-size video screen, playing stories of other brave women who have navigated their own journeys of change.*

Day one (June 25 at 5:30pm) will feature a keynote speech from actress, singer and New York TimesBest Selling Author, Lea Michele, who will share her personal story of embracing change. After following through with her dreams of performing on Broadway, Lea moved to Los Angeles and left her comfort zone behind to embark on a new career adventure.

“As a little girl growing up in a New York Citysuburb, Broadway was the original finish line. But as I evolved personally and professionally, my dreams started to change,” said Michele. “I was nervous of what was on the other side, but with the support of my friends and family I was able to embrace my new dreams and the individual I wanted to become. Now, instead of fearing what’s next, I welcome it and hope to inspire others to embrace their individuality through The Maxx You Project.”

On day two (June 26 at 5:30pm), lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur, and New York Times Best Selling Author Lauren Scruggs will speak about her life-altering experience through personal tragedy and how she emerged on the other side stronger than ever. “Everyone has experienced change, from starting a new job, going through a break-up, or in my case, an injury,” said Scruggs. “My individuality has evolved through my life experiences, some that I had control over and some that I never could have seen coming. That’s why I’m so excited to partner with T.J.Maxx to help women be brave through their own journey of personal change.”

Bookable Changing Rooms:
The transition from summer to fall comes with many life changes for women across the country. To help women navigate and celebrate these changes, T.J.Maxx is taking “The Changing Room” to eight stores nationwide, offering a one-of-a-kind service — part life coaching and part styling.

Women will be able to book a one-hour session with a notable life-coach and stylist duo who will provide the support and styling they need to embrace their life changes.  All tour dates and hosts will be announced later this summer.

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