Fenwick Brands Closes Fund I

Entrepreneurship September 28, 2017


Fenwick Brands Closes Fund I

Fenwick Brands, Inc. (“Fenwick”), a leading Consumer Packaged Goods (“CPG”) investor, is pleased to announce the closing of its first committed investment fund, Fenwick Brands Fund I, LLC (“the Fund”), which will be focused on providing growth equity for emerging CPG brands.

The Fund had a target of $30 million and was oversubscribed with a single close. The Fund will facilitate Fenwick making investments between $3-7 million in CPG brands where the team can have an active role in scaling the business. “We are very pleased with our diversified investor base of high net-worth individuals, family offices, industry veterans and institutional organizations,” says Melissa Baker, CEO of Fenwick. “In fact, many of our Fund’s investors are current or former senior-level executives in the Consumer industry. We see this as a resounding endorsement of our mandate and our strategy.”

Fenwick’s team has extensive experience in the CPG industry and creates value by marrying capital with operational resources. “Companies at our investment life-stage are often at an inflection point. Our thesis is built around putting strong foundations in place so that brands can scale quickly and win,” says Baker.

Fenwick’s strategy allows for a flexible approach, and the Fund will make minority or majority investments, but partnership is critical. “We’ve seen our approach resonate with founders, and now we see it resonate in the limited partner community,” says Elizabeth Stewart, Director of Investments at Fenwick. “We have a thoughtful process and are selective in our investments. We are looking for a compelling product, a strong fit with the team and the ability to scale. We want to partner with brands where we feel Fenwick can add value and build brand awareness.”

With the goal of a successful future exit, Fenwick works closely with its portfolio companies, utilizing the firm’s expertise and extensive resources to navigate the pain points facing emerging brands. Fenwick looks to identify opportunities or gaps in the companies they invest in, whether it be distribution, sales, innovation, category expansion, branding, packaging or reporting.

Fenwick Brands is a Consumer Packaged Goods investor and operator that provides growth capital paired with industry expertise equity to create brand value.  The Fenwick team has extensive marketing, operating and management experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Fenwick invests active capital in brands at an inflection point that, beyond capital, need a combination of strategic and operational expertise to deliver maximum shareholder value. To learn more, visit www.fenwickbrands.com.

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