Viva la Différence

Viva la Différence Hot

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The assignment of gender differences, even...
WomenInc. Magazine Announces the 2018 Most Influential Corporate Directors
WomenInc. Magazine, a leading magazine dedicated...
Walmart Board of Directors Adds Square, Inc. CFO Sarah Friar
Walmart Inc. announced that its board...
New for NeoCon 2017 – The Scribble Collection
Developed in Partnership with ICF Group/Nienkämper, the Scribble Collection provides workplace environments with “Endless Possibilities Inspired by a Single Continuous Line” The power of simplicity is defined by small gestures of great importance. For II BY IV DESIGN it all started with an unassuming black and white sketch... Read more
Artemano: Unique, Beautiful and Environmentally Conscious
With its continual introduction of recycled and exotic wood collections artemano once again proves to be at the cutting-edge of home décor. Designed in Canada, and closely sourced and handcrafted in the Far East, artemano products continue to set the tone and make their mark in the... Read more
Configure Your New Home’s Technology Online and Save Thousands
Building a new home? Revolutionary new website makes it easy and inexpensive. Anyone building a new home knows that configuring it for all the desired technology is tedious and expensive. Finally, there is an online tool, available now at, that automatically takes care of basics like WiFi and... Read more
Revolutionary Online Tool Makes Technology for New Homes Easy
Architects can now guide the homeowner and building team in a critical area. For the first time, there is an online tool that makes the selection and installation of an entire new home technology suite easy and far less expensive. An architect, either with their client or... Read more