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The assignment of gender differences, even...
WomenInc. Magazine Announces the 2018 Most Influential Corporate Directors
WomenInc. Magazine, a leading magazine dedicated...
Walmart Board of Directors Adds Square, Inc. CFO Sarah Friar
Walmart Inc. announced that its board...
Ralph Lauren Adds Linda Findley Kozlowski to Board of Directors
Ralph Lauren Corporation, a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products, announced that it has nominated Linda Findley Kozlowski to stand for election to the Company’s Board of Directors at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, in August 2018. The appointment... Read more
Marla A. Ryan Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Destination Maternity
Destination Maternity Corporation announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has appointed Marla. A. Ryan to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Ms. Ryan replaces Melissa Payner-Gregor, who served as an interim CEO since January 2018 and director of the Company since August 2009.... Read more
Fine Jewelry Designer Katrina Kelly Designs Charm Necklace Worn by Neve Campbell in Summer Blockbuster Movie Skyscraper
Fans of fine jewelry, strong women and action-packed movies are noting the unique gold charm pendant worn by Neve Campbell’s character in trailers for the most anticipated summer thriller that also stars The Rock: Skyscraper. The yellow gold necklace is by fine jewelry designer Katrina Kelly,... Read more
ICSC Announces Valerie Richardson as 2018-2019 Chairman
The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) announced at RECon, the premier global retail real estate convention, that ICSC’s Board of Trustees elected Valerie Richardson, CRX, CLS to serve as the organization’s Chairman and Daniel Hurwitz as Vice-Chairman for the 2018-2019 term. Richardson is the first... Read more
Mattress Firm Names Lorie Silva Chief Merchandising Officer
Mattress Firm, the nation’s largest specialty mattress retailer, announced that Lorie Silva has been hired as the Company’s chief merchandising officer (CMO). In her new role as CMO, Silva will be responsible for the merchandising strategy and ecosystem driving sales to ensure Mattress Firm has a... Read more