Black Diamond Ventures Elevates Ana Quintana to Managing Partner

April 25, 2018


Black Diamond Ventures Elevates Ana Quintana to Managing Partner

Quintana is leading new initiatives for Black Diamond Venture’s hybrid investment model and targeting female founders.

Black Diamond Ventures (BDV, bdventures.com), a venture capital firm with a unique hands-on approach, is pleased to announce the elevation of Ana Quintana to Managing Partner.

Quintana, who has an accomplished twenty-year history of start-up, operating and venture capital experience, has been the force behind a series of new initiatives at BDV, including encouraging female entrepreneurs to reach out for mentoring and advice, and establishing a female founder and funder in tech peer group.

“I’m passionate about working with entrepreneurs, dedicated to creating more awareness and opportunities for female-led startups, and committed to supporting female founders,” said Quintana. “Our focus on entrepreneurial growth and our flexibility makes us the perfect partner and venture investor.”

“Ana provides an essential point of view, which comes from her remarkable ability to identify new companies, develop strong connections with entrepreneurs and investors, and her rich operating experience and values,” said Chris Lucas, Founder and Managing Director. “We’re excited to have her as a Managing Partner, and look forward to the opportunities she will create, particularly through her support of female entrepreneurs.”

Founded by Chris Lucas in 1998, BDV’s investment focus is primarily in early- to mid-stage companies in biotechnology, medical devices, semiconductor design, data science and mobile applications. BDV specializes in a hybrid investment model that provides unparalleled flexibility to the firm’s investors, by allowing them to invest on either a deal-by-deal basis or a committed fund structure.

Quintana first joined BDV in 2000, inspired by the firm’s investment in GoTo (Overture, acquired by Yahoo), where she was Senior Editor. While maintaining her relationship with BDV, she has also participated as an operating partner in several start-ups. She has been an integral contributor to the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) the firm has raised since her joining, including investments in Dexcom, Force10, Mobile365 and Obalon.

Quintana has a history of leadership in Southern California venture and start-up communities. She is co-founder of She Ventures in Tech, which provides entrepreneurial support for women with existing tech startups through regular meetings, guest speakers, shared information and guidance. She is also a Committee Member for Glendale Tech Week (www.glendaletechweek.com), an annual event highlighting Glendale’s growing status as a tech hub.

“BDV seeks visionary entrepreneurs who also share our values,” said Quintana. “Ideas only become transformational when they’re rooted in values.”

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