Artemano: Unique, Beautiful and Environmentally Conscious

Indulge September 28, 2017


Artemano: Unique, Beautiful and Environmentally Conscious

With its continual introduction of recycled and exotic wood collections artemano once again proves to be at the cutting-edge of home décor. Designed in Canada, and closely sourced and handcrafted in the Far East, artemano products continue to set the tone and make their mark in the world of interior design. While artemano specializes in exotic solid wood, in modern and contemporary furniture and in interior design, it extends beyond furniture and accessories.

Artemano is an eco-responsible Canadian company that respects the environment, the planet, its diverse cultures and traditions. Its aim is to offer trees eternal life. In collaboration with more than 5 countries, the company abides by the regulations of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). artemano recycles and uses wood that is at the end of a first life cycle, generally used in the last step of production or destined to be discarded. Moreover, artemano is a member of Trees4Trees, an organization whose mission is to plant a tree for every tree used.

Timeless treasures for the ultimate bedroom.
artemano zen bed in natural. (CNW Group/Artemano)

With 14 stores, across eastern Canada, artemano’s roots are well-anchored in Canada, but our inspiration is drawn from faraway lands: rosewood and mango from India, suar and teak from Thailand are, recycled wood from no-longer inhabited homes in Indonesia and colourful planks of wood salvaged from old fishing boats.

Now in its fifteenth year in business, artemano has fostered strong partnerships with its suppliers. They are the ones in the field who seek out and process the raw materials that make up the artemano products. In developing partnerships with local artisans in remote Far East villages, artemano has helped transform their suppliers into entrepreneurs, who by following in artemano’s footsteps have grown their business, employed local citizens and contributed to the local South East Asian economy.

Artemano is a Canadian home furnishing brand that was founded in 2002. In 2004, artemano started creating its own signature collections by designing unique pieces. Every piece of wood is finely selected and designed as if it’s being purchased for our own home. artemano’s passion is to bring some of nature’s most striking creations into the homes. Each piece is unique and authentic, surpassing the role of being just a piece of furniture; our definition of art.

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